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I can hardly believe it’s been almost a year since I tried out the Candela Medical Microneedling device. After seeing it in person and testing it out on Sarah, our office manager, guinea pig, and overall good sport, I ordered it that day. Then I began my training not long after.

Many of my clients have booked and rebooked this service because they see a difference in their skin. THANK YOU for putting your trust in me!

After some recent continuing education with this device, I have decided to offer a less invasive, and lighter version of microneedling at the spa. It has no downtime other than the afternoon of treatment. That means no workouts, or extended outdoor sun exposure day of treatment, just like you would treat your skin after a facial. You can wear makeup the next day, or go fresh and clean. Just be sure to wear SPF.

So how do you choose which Microneedling is best for you?

Here are the benefits of our lighter version, we call it our Collagen Boost Microneedling.

  • Much less downtime
  • Less redness
  • Can apply makeup next morning
  • Less trauma to skin, so it rejuvenates quicker
  • You can resume your normal skincare routine the next day
  • No tale tale signs of a treatment if you want to keep on the DL
  • Safe for pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Shorter 30 min appointment
  • Less expensive at $269 per treatment
  • Creates collagen in the skin for up to 90 days
  • More shallow depth of treatment means no numbing necessary
  • Can be done year round, even in the summer

Now for the breakdown of the Medical Grade Microneedling

  • Downtime is day of treatment and day after
  • Moderate redness
  • Hold off on makeup for 24 hours
  • Creates collagen in the skin for up to 90 days
  • Treats deeper concerns like scarring from accidents, trauma, or acne
  • Requires numbing for deeper treatment comfort, so it doesn’t hurt at all
  • Treatment is 75-90 min total, to allow for numbing
  • You’ll want to head straight home after this one
  • Treatment is $379 for face, $399 for face & neck, $459 for face, neck & chest
  • First treatment includes post-care kit with Stem Cells
  • Should be avoided in hotter, sunnier months like June, July & August

Whichever one you choose, you are going to see improved texture and tone of skin, and get that collagen boosting effect that we all want after our skin has started to show age.

Not sure where to begin your skin journey? Book an appointment with us for a skin consultation or New Client Facial. We’ll get a game plan to get you the best skin we can!

Thanks for reading,


Owner & Lead Esthetician

The Hidden Spa, Statesville NC